After much research in dog breeds, we decided that the American Mastiff was the perfect dog breed for our family. American Masitffs are gentle, quiet dogs that do not need a lot of exercise.  They are very friendly, happy family dogs.  We love their impressive features and size, and are quite happy they do not drool as much as the English Mastiff. We brought Benson home in 2006, and quickly realized what a perfect fit he was for our family.  Our love of our big guy and our admiration for the American Mastiff Breeder's Council led us to apply to become breeders of these gentle giants.  We were thrilled when, in Jan. 2009, we were approved as breeders.

We  are a small scale breeder - averaging 2 to 3 litters per year.   Our breeding dogs have all been raised the same as Benson - pets that are part of our family.  American Mastiffs are "velcro" dogs and want nothing more than to be next to you.  All of our dogs enjoy being in the house with us, roaming the property with us, going for car rides with us.... basically just being with us!!

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Bonnie Blue was our first breeding female, pictured above at 8 weeks and below at 2 years.  Bonnie retired and was spayed.  Tragically she passed from complications following her spay.  We miss this sweet girl every day, and are so grateful to have her daughters here at the ranch. 
 Boaz, our first stud, pictured above at 8 weeks and below at 3 years.  Boaz is now retired and enjoys supervising all activities at the ranch..
Boaz (2 years) relaxing in the shade.
The crew cooling off with a stream of water from a poolside water gun.
Bosco  at 8 weeks above, and at 2 years, below.  Bos is lightening to a stunning silver fawn!  He continues to impress everyone he meets with his huge, gentle demeanor.
.Bosco enjoying some play time while Bonnie watches on.  Bonnie was an excellent babysitter!
The Five B Crew cooling off on a hot Texas summer day! 
Bristol Lynn with a litter of 7 day old pups.
How big is Bosco?  This is his paw print next to my hand.  It looks as if a grizzly bear had been tromping around!
Front view and back view of our kennel.
The inside of the nursery side of the kennel.  Complete with coffee pot and microwave for long nights of delivering pups!
Jolly Balls are a favorite on the ranch!
Bindi Blue with her very first litter of pups.  I'd say she went above and beyond with this crew!
Benson,our first AM and the big boy that started our love affair with this breed.  We said goodbye to Ben 12/2014.  He was a gentle, goofy, dependable boy, and we miss him dearly.