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The pictures on this page are pups from previous litters.  Check back frequently to watch them grow!
Kyra (7 months) enjoying a nice bone and the sunshine.
Apollo (2 years)

Carlos at 18 months.
Apollo (16 months.)  Look at that face!!  Apollo is a BonnieXBoaz pup from our very first litter.
Jake (almost 1 year)  relaxing at home.
All I need is this chair.  Just this chair and this pillow.  That's all I need.  This chair, this pillow, and this ball. I need this ball.  That's all I need...  (Boone @ 6 months)
One of my favoritie Five B pup pictures.  This is Bob - look carefully at his shadow - a glimpse of things to come!
  Yogi makes an excellent pillow!!
  Dozer - king of the mountain!
Dozer and his new friends.  These dogs simply amaze me!
Simba at 5 months - it's exhausting being a growing boy!
   Murphy at 11 weeks. 
   Boone makes a great back seat driver!
Lovely Miss Koda is 10 weeks old in this picture.  This beauty made the cover of the 2014 American Mastiff calendar!
 Ramsey enjoying the outdoors with his buddy, Riley.

Maynard @ 6 months.
Doozie (7 months) looking just as stunning as her mama Bristol!
.Jake is all wore out after passing his obedience class!  Well done, Jake and Marsha!
Cash (Bindi/Bosco) @ 6 months
These pictures show just how quickly AM pups grow.  This is Boone (Bindi/Bosco) and his kids.  He's one lucky pup to have so much love and attention!
Maynard showing off his pearly whites.
Bernie's owners sent me this picture and called it "Circus Bernie."  Never underestimate the lengths an AM will go to to get your attention!